Welcome to Minigenie

MiniGenie is a new start up company dedicated for PET market. We are expertise on Dog and Cat Health. A series of new products for PET health equiped with new technology will be developed by our design team.


About Minigenie

Our PET expertise cooperate with our design team to devleop a series of new products with new technology, we believe our products will suit marekt needs.


Our Products

Our first product is a Bluetooth Body Scale with FREE App download, which has 170 different dog breeds in our database. Keep measuring the weight change of your loved dog, our APP will monitor your health and your loved dog health.

Who are we?

Minigenie is a Hong Kong based company dedicated for Pet Market

New Technology

Bluetooth Body Scale with Free App

We guanrantee the quality

All products produced with our own technology. We have good quality control and ensure all products are 100% pass.